The Centre for Craft host 3 Artist in Residency Programs:

The Summer Professional Development Residency (2 months)

airCRAFT Emerging Artist Residency (9 months)

Craft LAIR Local Artist in Residences (6 weeks)


Summer Professional Development Residency


Each spring, the Centre for Craft Nova Scotia accepts applications for the Summer Professional Development Residencies in the Ceramics, Wood, Metal/Jewellery, and Weaving/Textile Studios


Application Deadline:

Thursday, April 30, 2020 at 4pm.


  • Advanced students and recent graduates
  • Emerging, Pre-professional and self-directed artists who need time and space to develop a body of work while exploring individual style and technique
  • Individuals who work independently, conduct themselves in a professional manner and are comfortable working in a cooperative studio environment

Resources, Opportunities, and Artist Responsibilities:

  • The residency will take place from June 29 - September 4, 2020
  • The studios will be accessible 24 hours a day
  • Residents are expected to keep their spaces and the studio tidy, as well as treat the facilities and equipment respectfully
  • There is an expectaion of a minimum of 20hrs comitted studio time per week (please out line your potential schedule)
  • A group exhibition of resident’s work at the Mary E. Black Gallery
    • Opening September 3 at 6:00pm
    • Runs from September 4 to 20, 2020
  • Mandatory orientation the first day + 3 other mandatory group meetings throughout the residency:
    • 1st meeting within first week: Artist talks and goals for residence
    • 2nd meeting after a month: group sharing discussions on progress/issues/problem solving
    • 3rd meeting at the end: gallery show organization, artist statements, bios, invites, set up

Program Fees:

  • $325 + HST
  • $50 damage deposit which will be returned upon the completion of the residency provided no damage has been done to the studios or equipment, studios are left clean, and keys returned

Application Process:

Complete online FORM (if you are having trouble filling out the online form please email all the information to

Attachments to form must include:

  • NEW - Due to Covid-19 we will be accepting less participants to meet the health and safety protocols
    NEW - please provide a detailed working schedule for being in the studio. What time of day? How many hours? How many days a week?
  • One page Letter of Intent describing your proposed project and what facilities you plan to use
  • C.V. (2 pages maximum)
  • 10 (no more) images of current work in jpeg format (each images should not excess 1mb 72dpi) 
  • reference sheet of the images and a description of materials, processes, size, title and date
  • Two letters of reference *Note – Letters of Recommendation SHOULD NOT BE OPENED OR SENT BY APPLICANT. THEY MUST BE SENT UNDER SEPARATE COVER DIRECTLY to the Studio Coordinator. It is your responsibility to ensure we have both letters of recommendation on or prior to the application deadline.

Recommendation Forms can be filled out by Referee 2 ways:

Only successful applicants will be contacted     

For more information please contact Alexis Vessey, Studio Coordinator, at 902.492.2524 or by email

airCRAFT Emerging Artist Residency 

The airCRAFT Emerging Artists Residency is a one-of-a-kind craft dedicated residency strives to support emerging artists taking the next steps in their careers. Through a 9-month residency, the Centre will work with residents one-on-one to individualize and tailor the program to suit their particular objectives for their art careers. Whether the resident would like to pursue a career in production or to create a new body of work to exhibit in galleries, this residency is for them to explore and develop their practice towards the next step in their career. With studios in Ceramics, Wood, Jewellery, and Weaving/Textile the program supports up to 3 participants.

Timeline: (2020/21 Open to Applications)

  • Applications due August 3rd, 2020 at 4:00pm
  • Notified or interviewed by Friday, August 10th, 2020
  • Notice of acceptance by resident by Thursday, August 21th, 2020 at 4:00pm
  • Mandatory orientation Tuesday, September 15th, 2020
  • Program runs from September 15th, 2020- June 15th, 2021


  • Emerging Artist – (early stage of their career)
  • Must have a BFA or proven skills in medium - technical/ knowledge
  • Self-directed, independent, and can conduct themselves in a professional manner in a cooperative studio environment
  • Applicants should have clear objectives for their career

Resources and Opportunities:

  • A launch to showcase residents (valued at $1000)
  • Monthly professional development sessions and peer to peer consultations (valued at $1500)
  • Access to up to $1000 approved for costs including but not limited to materials, local travel, professional development, equipment, memberships
  • Connecting participants with professionals in their field
  • Staff support in application or grant development
  • 24-hour access to studios (classes will continue to be held in the studios during the program)
  • Optional paid work available to gain experience in teaching, public speaking and interaction, gallery install and take down, retail and sales, and studio technician.

Artist Responsibilities:

  • Attending monthly professional development and peer to peer consultations
  • An Artist Talk or Formal Presentation
  • Presentation of work created (e.g. Pop-up show, booth in a market, Gallery show)
  • Public program/ workshop
  • At the end resident should have clear business plan/development strategy/practice structure/personal plan/trajectory

Program Fees:

  • $200 a month
  • $100 refundable damage deposit

For more information please contact Alexis Vessey, the Studio Coordinator at 902-492-2524 or

Application Process:

*NEW* Complete Online form 

(if you are having trouble filling out the online form please email all the information to

Attachments to form must include:

  • One-page letter of intent describing your proposed project - Include goals and direction of work
  • C.V. (2-page max)
  • 5 images of past work-jpeg format (each images should not excess 1mb 72dpi)
  • 5 images of current work-jpeg format (each images should not excess 1mb 72dpi)
  • 2 sketches of possible future work-jpeg format (each images should not excess 1mb 72dpi)
  • reference sheet of the images and a description of materials, processes, size, title and date

Recommendation Forms:


For more information please contact Alexis Vessey, Studio Coordinator, at 902.492.2524 or by email

Craft LAIR Local Artist in Residences 

Complementing our emerging artist residencies, the Craft LAIR offers a flexible studio space to professional artists and artisans interested in engaging with the public. These eight to ten week, project-based residencies offer craft-artists a free, secure, semi-private, work/display/flex space adjacent to our Mary E. Black Gallery. In exchange, artists are asked to create new work during the residency, make themselves available during regular gallery hours for a minimum of 6 hours per week for open studio/public interaction, and offer one craft-based public event at the centre (eg: presentation, workshop, demonstration etc.)
Artists have found the public engagement and feedback from people to be the most beneficial aspect of the residency. We encourage artists to use the Craft LAIR as an experimental space to explore new ideas, alternative materials, and engage with the public and craft communities to gain feedback on their work.

Ideas for Craft LAIR residencies: mount a small exhibit alongside the workspace, make the space into a pop-up shop, experiment with developing an installation over the course of the residency, use the whole space as a dedicated studio to make new work, focus on staging work for documentation and designing new presentation styles, work with new and alternative materials etc... If you have an idea that falls outside of these suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us to see if it may be a good fit.

Logistical Information about the craft LAIR studio:
The CraftLAIR offers a free studio space with 24 hour access and a public-facing front during the open hours of the Mary E. Black Gallery. The space is clean and has adjustable track lighting, cement floors, multiple electrical outlets and access to sinks in another room. Residents are expected to return the space to its original state at the end of their residency. A large table, chairs, display shelving and some plinths as well as supplies/equipment for installation and de-installation can be provided by the Centre for Craft. The CraftLAIR is best suited for artists who are able to carry out their proposed project within the studio space.

Download the full call for applications for information

Applications closed for 2020. New Deadline for 2021 will be in fall of 2020. Applications for 2021 can be sent in anytime before then to be included in the next dealine for submissions, feel free to contact the Centre for any information regarding the Craft LAIR or applications.

• Letter outlining the proposed project to be undertaken during the residency, and dates of availability (1 page max) this should also include a proposal of one public event and or description of how the applicant intends to engage the public through the residency
• A brief bio and artist statement (1 page max)
• CV demonstrating professional experience which includes contact information and website if applicable
• 5-10 images of related work and 1-2 sketches of proposed project (video, audio or other digital media also accepted)
• Applications are to be sent via drop box to


  • Interested artists are encouraged to contact the gallery
  • Blocks available:

2020 blocks filled. Check back for deadline and details regarding 2021 Craft LAIR

The committee endeavors to accomodate requested dates or schedule residencies to create connections with Mary E. Black Gallery exhibition.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Quality of applicant’s work 
  • The artistic merit of the proposed project 
  • Applicant’s professional experience as a craft artist
  • The capacity of the Centre for Craft Nova Scotia to support the success of the project within our studios


  • Dedicate a significant portion of your time to creating new work during the residency
  • Maintain six hours per week during the centre’s open hours for public interaction
  • Deliver one public program which will be developed in consultation with staff upon acceptance (workshops, demonstrations etc)


  • 10’ x 22’ secure work-room with glass doors (no ventilation - scents prohibited)
  • Public reception introducing the residency alongside the Mary E Black Gallery opening
  • Inclusion in our promotional program
  • Opportunity to sell work reflecting high standards of craftsmanship directly to visitors
  • Access to additional facilities outside our regular course schedule to be negotiated with the studio coordinator and technicians in wood, metal, glass, ceramic, and weaving


Submit application to