Tamara Oake BFA

Tamara Oake is a Nova Scotia-born artist living and working in Halifax. After completing her studies as an interior decorator, she focused her career in Fine Arts at NSCAD University. In 2017she graduated with a major in Textiles. Her interest in creating natural/tactile art began with a passion for natural dyeing and eventually led her to flower and foliage pressing. Tamara’s work currently focuses on her connection to the Nova Scotia landscape. She aims to reconnect people with their natural surroundings by thoughtfully bringing the environment into our everyday lives.

Current / Upcoming Courses

32. Flower Pressing

Over two classes learn the basics of how to press fresh local flowers and how to transfer flower imprints onto fabric. Walk away with a personalized framed pressed floral print, a flower imprinted fabric square, and your very own flower press. This is a two-day class with 4 weeks between classes to allow the flowers to dry in the presses.