Sorrel Van Allen

SorrelVan Allenis a Canadian jeweller witha background in industrial welding and artist blacksmithing. She is currently studying Jewellery Design and Metalsmithingat the Nova Scotia College of Art and Designin Halifax.During her time at NSCAD Sorrel Participated in an international exchange in Jewellery and Objects at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland

Current / Upcoming Courses

30. Broom Casting

Explore unique silver textures, patterns, and shapes created through the primitive process of broom casting. Develop the skills to safely work with a torch and pour molten silver over linear sections of broom. Learn to create a personalized pendant or set of earrings from these organic casted forms. All skill levels are welcome! Class breaks for one-hour at lunch.

29. Textured Ring

Learn to size, texture and solder a silver ring for yourself or as a gift! Students will use textured hammers and the studio rolling mill to create roller printed patterns from a variety of materials including moss, dried leaves, sandpaper, string, and lace to develop personalized ring bands in silver. Class breaks for one-hour at lunch.