Shannon Gough

Shannon took her first lampworking course in 2010. Since then she has spent time at the torch playing with the hot glass and figuring out its rhythm and flow. Her preference is to work with “soda-lime” glass and focus on understanding the realm of its properties, chemistry and how to control the shape of the glass in the heat. She continues to expand her knowledge and skill by learning new techniques from artists, whose work she finds inspiring and fascinating. Shannon enjoys sharing this ancient art (that is relatively new to North America) with the next generation of lampworkers.

Current / Upcoming Courses

20. Glass Bead: Try it!

This is a 6-hour introduction class to lampworking/glass bead making. Students will get to work with rods of glass in a flame to create round glass beads and decide if they are interested in pursuing this medium further.

21. Explore Glass: Ready, Set, Go!

Everything starts with a good foundation.  You will gain an understanding of the terminology used, materials required and confidence working in the flame with the glass.

22. Fusing Fun Night

This class is a chance for students, friend, and glass lover’s to get together and catch up.  On the first night, the focus will be on cutting, layering, and arranging the earrings and pendants by fusing. The following week students will be assembling the fused glass into the finished product.