Sarah Cheetham BFA

Spending many of her days rummaging through old farmhouse foundations and bottle dumps, Sarah has accumulated quite the collection of broken pottery shards, bits of glass, bones and many other treasures. It’s the fascination of these things left behind by others that finds its way into her work. Combining thrown functional wear and tiny shards of pottery is Sarah’s way of expressing what’s on her mind.

Using one shard in each thrown pot gives the work one small reference of the past and returns the function to this once discarded piece of pottery. "What I want others to experience with my work is remembering for a moment the way people of a different time would have used the pot in which the shard came from," says, Sarah. "Realizing even though it had been discarded, the function can be returned within my contemporary work."

Sarah holds a BFA in Ceramics from NSCAD University.