Sandy Charbonneau

Sandy Charbonneau has been artistic all her life and loves paintings with lots of colour that make people smile. In the Fall of 2007 she was given a big ball of sheep wool, which she ignored for months. One day she picked up the blob of wool from her studio table and life as she knew it changed forever. Away went the acrylic paints: now she paints with wool! Sandy is inspired by all that surrounds her: nature, people, places; the everyday things. She experiments with a mixture of different wools and fabrics and makes certain to purchase her wool from farmers in and around the beautiful Gaspereau Valley area. She also incorporates donated and well-loved blankets and other recycled pre-loved treasures to embellish her designs which she finds searching second hand stores, in yard sales and beachcombing. Sandy can be found selling at the Halifax Farmer’s Market with her husband, Don the Puppet Man, who children run to see most Saturdays.