Michelle Plamondon BFA

Michelle Plamondon, a French-Canadian Artist/Jeweler from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Received her BFA from University of Manitoba in 2015 focusing in installation art and sculpture. She actively volunteered in Studio Programs at the Winnipeg Art Gallery from 2006 -2009. She has displayed sculptures, paintings and jewelry at La Maison des Artistes, Ace Art Gallery and SOFA (2012-2015).  She participated in “Nuit Blanche” all night exploration of contemporary art in2013 to 2015. In 2013, she was awarded third place in the “Emerging Voices” competition at Nuit Blanche for her work “Environment Revolt” examining nature reclaiming spaces. Michelle was strongly influenced by photographer David McMillan’s Exclusion Zone series. In 2015, she was awarded a grant with the Untitled Artist Collective from La Maison des Artistes Francophone during Nuit Blanche, to develop the public interactive installation “REST STOP”. Michelle is currently working on her second degree majoring in Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University (NSCAD). She has participated “All in NSCAD” group show in 2018 at the Anna Leowens Gallery. She is member Co-Adorn in Halifax and Vancouver Metal Arts Association and was selected to take part in exhibitions with both associations in 2019.  Her main influences in her current work is material play especially with industrial materials, exploring clean minimalist style and industrial architecture. The elegance of simple forms is prominent aesthetic to her work. Using enamel, metalwork, cement, resin and other found materials, she incorporates them into wearable jewelry pieces.

Current / Upcoming Courses

20. Introduction to Jewellery

Students will learn the basics of jewellery making through three projects: a ring and a broach and\or pendant. It introduces simple shapes and designs in jewellery and encourages students to explore and incorporate surface textures and treatments. Students will learn how to use basic hand tools of the craft to gain an understanding of the different properties of metals. Copper, brass, and silver will be used. Students will be encouraged to make samples to explore various techniques of forming as well, which they can incorporate into their finished pieces if they choose.

21. Inlay Concrete in fine Jewellery

Combine traditional metalsmithing techniques and industrial material to create contemporary pieces. Learn basic jewellery skills in sawing, soldering, filling and finishing of metal, making a frame in sterling silver to inlay concrete/resin. Participants will have a choice of different colored glass and semi-precious crystal incorporated and set into the frame. Each student will make 2 pieces to take home – a choice between ring, pendant or pin. By the end of the course, participants will have basic knowledge soldering techniques and working with concrete and resin.

22. Cuttlefish Casting

In this course, participants will learn cuttlefish casting techniques. Each participate will have at least two attempts at casting in sterling silver. You can create a piece of jewellery or a small decorative piece. There will be a demo on carving, making of the model, casting, finishing and polishing of the piece. Class breaks for one-hour at lunch.

28. Stud

Make three pairs of unique silver stud earrings, while developing your own surface textures and patterns on metal. Students will learn the process of roller printing with natural and synthetic materials such as dried plants, sandpaper and lace. Discover how to create pattern by hammering and stamping with steel tools and letter sets, and the captivating process of reticulation, which leaves silver with a texture of tiny peaks and valleys. All skill levels welcome! Class breaks for one-hour at lunch.