Mary Jane Lundy, BFA

As a ceramic sculptor I am inspired by the sea life found in my Maritime region near the Atlantic Ocean, and by the birds and plants that inhabit the shore lines. My work is made with Nova Scotia Lantz red earthenware clay enhanced with brightly color under glaze and transparent over glaze, which are then fired in an electric kiln. I am influenced by the designs of 15th century French Ceramicist Bernard Palissy and his attention to the subtle details and rhythms found in nature. Like Palissy I use fish, plant life, and shells to create plaster castings for hand pressed clay molds. As medieval mathematician Fibonacci discovered a succession of numbers which represent the growth patterns found in nature; the important of numerical sequences related to growth is a theme in my work. I find these in organic objects, and more recently, manmade items such as crochet doilies patterns. I use a slab roller and these doilies to construct new forms that mimic sea life. My intent as an artist is to create designs that generate visual pleasure, which pay homage to my seaside environment, and increase a sense of wonder about these natural surroundings.