Decolletage Decor or Deck the Neck


A unique necklace is always a treasured gift. Having lots of choice means you're sure to find what suits that special someone you have in mind. Here's a sample of some of the creatively designed jewellery we have on hand.


Halifax artist Gloria Drysdale's pieces feature Japanese Shibori and Javanese Batik fabrics along with semi-precious stones or minerals. Gloria's 16"-18"necklaces offer exciting combinations of exotic colours and textures.

Who hasn't pocketed a few favourite stones during a sandy stroll. The beach-tumbled pebbles of New Brunswick's Terra Bijou's jewellery are hard to resist.


Donna Hiebert's outstanding "Compassion" necklace hosts labradorite in cast bronze settings accompanied by draping silver chain.


For an edgier look, Hiebert has cast bronze brambles and thorns with pops of crimson berries.

Rhonda MIller's miniature handbound books make the perfect gift for your favourite bookworm!!