Trunk Show & Sale, Featuring Photography by Anne Bastedo this Saturday, November 1st!

And we're back, folks!

Our last show with Dorothée Rosen was a total success! Thanks to all the craft lovers for coming out and supporting our local artists. Up next, we will be featuring a local photographer, Anne Bastedo. This is the perfect match for the photophile in everyone. Here's a little bio to get you acquainted with Anne:

Bastedo is a Canadian artist living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She has always loved photography after receiving the gift of a Brownie box camera back in the 1960's. Bastedo's love of nature and the outdoors was originally the primary focus of her photography which captured both landscapes and details in nature. More recently her range of subjects has broadened to include architecture, dance and some portraiture. Bastedo's photographs live in collections in the United Kingdom, Germany, Florida, and Maryland, throughout Nova Scotia and across Canada.

Here's the exciting part, we put together a brief interview so you get the scoop:

Who is your favourite artist, one that inspires you? (doesn't have to be a photography)

  • One of my favorite artists is a Canadian painter, Robert Genn, who just passed away. The colour, light, composition and subject matter of his paintings (particularly those of nature subjects) inspire me. I am also inspired by photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson's statement “In whatever one does, there must be a relationship between the eye and the heart. With the one eye that is closed, one looks within, with the other eye that is open, one looks without.” That connection between eye and heart is one that is central to my photography. I hope that when the viewer is looking at my photographs, they are able to make that connection for themselves.

How did you fall in love with photography?

  • I fell in love with photography when I was given a Brownie Box Camera back in the 1960's. I found myself photographing throughout my life and then, when I retired I decided to take some courses and to begin photographing seriously. It was an activity that relaxed me and that I simply loved doing.

Sneak preview of her new works and perfect for the season, "Blue Jay Resting"

What subject do you like taking photos of most?

  • I would say that I still love photographing nature, both landscapes and details, and architecture the most; landscapes because I love spending time outdoors and architecture because of all the opportunities for great compositions.

What else do you do when you're not taking photos or looking for inspiration?

  • When I'm not photographing, I love to spend time at my cottage on Sherbrooke Lake reading, swimming and walking my standard poodle. I also love to travel and have been fortunate to be able to visit a number of countries in Central America and on the Mediterranean in recent years.

"Magenta", Photograph on Sale by Anne Bastedo

Where else can I find you in Halifax? Will you be doing any other shows before Christmas?

  • You can find my work regularly at the Designer Craft Shop and Viewpoint Gallery. As for special shows, the Trunk Show & Sale at the Designer Craft Shop will be the only one for this season!

Don't forget that there are sale items for the Trunk Show & Sale! Anne will be bringing some cards with local scenery, perfect for stocking up for the Christmas Season! These sale items will be here for the following two weeks, but if you want to see her new works, Saturday's your one and only chance.

Drop in and say hello this Saturday, November 1st, between 11-4 pm!

See you then,

Jocelyn Li

Retail (Gallery Shop) Manager, Designer Craft Shop