Featuring Ginette Arsenault for this Saturday's Trunk Show & Sale

Hello everyone!

We're so excited to have Ginette Arsenault come down from Shediac, New Brunswick, for her Trunk Show & Sale this Saturday. From 11-4 pm, she will have new works and will be offering sale items with a variety of glazes in all sorts of shapes. Her body of work is largely influenced by her surroundings, mainly the sea or ocean as her source of inspiration.

To get you virtually acquainted, here's a tid bit about why Ginette makes:

Creating with clay makes me feel my connection to everything in life. It frees me to manifest my joy of being alive and of savouring every present moment. Like the ebb and flow of water against sand, I feel pulled in and pushed by clay, pulled in to become aware of who I am and pushed towards expressing it. I love the adventure of creating with clay, from a thought in my mind, a dream into reality.

Whether I'm making a cup, a bowl, or a flower vase, they will always be a bit different because each ball of clay has its own story to tell and I have my own thoughts about what I want to create. We meet in that somewhere that is discovery, surprise, gratitude, sometimes disbelief, joy and magic! Like a tango!

Pop in and say 'hi' to this lovely maker.

See you Saturday,


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