Fond Farewells

Hello everyone!

This mini blogpost is dedicated as a fond farewell to our Retail Manager, Laura Chiasson. Having worked for the Designer Craft Shop for 3 years, she has been the major pull for the shop in selecting some of the best craft the Maritimes have to offer. She is a dear friend to all of us at the Centre and we are proud to see her move forward. 

Before she left, Laura and Jocelyn had a gift exchange. Laura wove a beautiful transitional grey scarf late into the evenings on her days off while Jocelyn fabricated a pleated plaster gauze brooch encased with nickel silver on the weekends. Having both studied craft at NSCAD University, they made their gifts under the influence of the other's aesthetic sensibilities. Here's the photoshoot of the former Retail Manager and the current Retail Manager showing off their fine craft!

Laura Chiasson (left) with Jocelyn Li (right) proudly wearing their gifts for each other.

Materials: Nickel Silver, Steel, Plaster Gauze, Silver

Materials: Woven Acrylic, Reclaimed Button

We'd like to express our gratitude to Laura for her time and dedication to her job, passion and work family at the Centre for Craft. She will be greatly missed!


With much love,

The Margi Dolls