Watch out, Winter! Here's a dose of Spring!

Hello everyone!

I know this week has been tough on the Maritimes, but have no fear!  We've compiled some juicy images that will combat any winter blues. The colours in this week's featured blogpost gives us a boost of energy throughout the day at the shop. Fiddleheads, flowerbuds, and even wind chime-inspired craft are all included below!

A detail shot of a gorgeous rectangular-prism vase by Janet Doble. We have an assortment of colours in a pastel matte glaze to suit every mood, except for winter blues, of course.

We're into fiddlehead season anytime with Flo Greig's collection of pottery! The warmth that this green glaze captures reminds us of growth and renewal. 

Lynn Rotin's miniature paintings are sure to bring cheer to a home. Intimate, vibrant and full of texture.

Now, here's something that ought to fix you right up! Joy Pennick's wind chime inspired earrings. They are made of anodized aluminum, giving them a unique colour and shine. Not only are they suited for the season, but they also match the season with sound!

Beneath Joy Pennick's windchime earrings, we carry the last "Vine Scarf" from FibrEnsemble that is perfect for spring. It keeps you warm during cool nights, and stylish when worn long for a breezy spring day.

Whew! We're all sprung out. Can't wait for spring to come full swing so stop by at the shop and say hi! 



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