Craig is Gone! Woe Goes My Heart <3

Morning to Halifax!

 It's your Favorite Gal Pals, the Margi Dolls! We have finally started writing the blog on our website. Sorry for the wait but things have been crazy.

We just opened a new exhibition, Variations on Symmetry, from both Eliza Au and Ying-Yueh Chuang. As Amy Gogarty writes so elegantly in her essay within our brochure, "Eliza Au and Ying-Yueh Chuang represent a new generation of makers transforming our concept of ceramics. Highly skilled and trained in technical and aesthetic traditions, both artists expand conventional studio practice to explore formal, cultural and psychological aspects of symmetry as manifested in nature and human culture. Symmetry links their two bodies of work, yet additional factors contribute to this satisfying combination." The amount of work that is put into the exhibition is just incredible. It took the 5-plus crew here about 4 days to put everything in its place. Here's some photos of that:

Jocelyn taking down the lest exhibition's sign

We were also saddened to find out that Craig was leaving us to go back to Newfoundland. However, We wish him the best of luck over there and told him he has to come back and visit us every 6 months: MANDITORY! We surprised him with a beautiful briefcase and a engraved business card holder. We all made Business cards that showed off his talents. Mine looked like this:

Here are a few snapshots of his goingaway party.


Miss you already, Craig!

Thanks for reading,


The Margi Dolls

PS:  I'll be posting all the great new products we've been getting in the shop in the next couple of days so keep those eyes peeled.